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    Heroes' Tawny Cypress: Ex Accuses Her of Planned Attack After Restaurant Beatdown

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    Tawny Cypress
    Tawny Cypress Michael Muller/NBC

    Talk about your made-for-TV drama.

    E! News confirms that Tawny Cypress, who played ill-fated art dealer Simone on Heroes, has been sued by her ex-husband, who claims that he was attacked by the 36-year-old actress's current boyfriend in June—and that she's the one who made it all happen, with an assist from their 12-year-old son.

    In a lawsuit filed in New York, Bill Charles alleges that Cypress arranged an outing for him and their son, Dexter, at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood, where Cypress' beau, Tom Dillon, was "lying in waiting" and proceeded to hit him in the head with "a hard object," knocking him to the ground and causing him to lose consciousness and suffer a fractured nose and concussion.

    Read the complaint

    Then, the 58-year-old Charles further claims in his suit, Cypress and Dillon told police that Charles attacked Dexter, sending Charles to jail for six days on an assault rap.

    "Tommy Dillon and Tawny Cypress acted with others by deception, concocting a fabricated version of events causing...the arrest of [Charles] on false spurious charges," the complaint, filed last month in New York Supreme Court in Brooklyn, alleges.

    "The relatively minor charges against my client are merely a distraction from the attempted murder that Thomas Dillon committed against my client," attorney Robert Feldman stated to the NY Post.

    Feldman tells E! News that they have photos and videos to back up their allegations of assault, defamation, kidnapping of a minor child and perjury.

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    Bill Charles Courtesy: Attorney Robert Feldman

    "My client has suffered and is continuing to suffer from the outrageous conduct of Tawny and Tommy," the legal eagle told E! News. "They have caused my client to not be able to see his minor son for seven months. My client raised the boy for many years, when Tawny was too busy to care for their son. Now that Tawny is no longer successfully employed and has hooked up with a man who is unable to support her in the style that she had grown accustomed to, she is seeking to deprive my client of any company of their son."

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    Bill Charles Courtesy: Attorney Robert Feldman

    Regarding Charles' arrest, Feldman pointed out that his client has never been convicted of anything. The attorney said Charles was taken into custody on June 6 and forced to remain in jail for six days after the incident because he had to be hospitalized before he was arraigned due to the severity of the injuries that Dillon allegedly inflicted on him.

    "He never served any time for any finding of guilt," Feldman added, noting that the judge released him on his own recognizance.

    Charles' complaint seeks more than $1 million in damages.

    Cypress' manager, Judith Lesley, told E! News that the lawsuit was without merit.

    "William Charles was arrested on June 6, 2012, and subsequently incarcerated for six days for attacking a child. It's no 'relatively small charge." Ms. Cypress was not present. Mr Dillon was not present. They have never seen the security footage from the incident, so they don't know exactly what transpired," the rep said in a statement. "

    Lesley added: "Apparently, a good samaritan stepped in to stop a man from abusing a child. Ms. Cypress and Mr. Dillon don't know that person but are very thankful he was there. They assume the police have the tapes and all relevant information. The attempts to drag Ms. Cypress and Mr. Dillon through the mud in the papers will be addressed in court."

    The thesp and Charles split up in 2004 after four years of marriage. After Heroes, Cypress starred on the short-lived K-Ville, had a recurring arc on Rescue Me, and made appearances on The Good Wife and Blue Bloods.

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    Should Tawny Cypress end up in court, she certainly wouldn't be the first celeb



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