Come on, you didn't actually think Kathy Griffin would ring in the New Year without trying to pull something ridiculous, right?

The fiery redhead cohosted CNN's NYE coverage with pal Anderson Cooper for the sixth consecutive year, and during the live broadcast the comedian attempted to give her BFF a New Year's kiss…on his crotch (no, really).

Always the professional, the Anderson 360 star tried to defuse the situation, regularly tossing to other reporters and rapidly squatting down on his knees every time Kathy tried to go in the for the kill. 

The back-and-forth went on for quite some time as Cooper made every attempt to protect his privates (which Griffin referred to as his "Christmas presents," natch) while his cohost repeatedly tried to plant a smooch on the Silver Fox's lower region.

 "It's getting to be the hour where bad things happen," Cooper warned the audience.

Can't say we're surprised! Watch the clip above, but proceed with caution (at Anderson's request). 

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