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Justin Bieber, Hamster Hater? Advocacy Group Backtracks on "Animal Cruelty" Accusations

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Victoria Blair, Justin Bieber, PAC the hamster
Victoria Blair, Justin Bieber, PAC the hamster Twitter

Some things will never change, but for Pac the hamster, that's not the way it is.

Justin Bieber gave his pint-sized pet to a fan on Dec. 13, but the California Hamster Association (!) was not amused and even accused the pop star of "animal cruelty." Fortunately, Pac's new home appears to be a loving one, and those advocating for our furry friends are backtracking on their original claims against the Biebs.

Remember when Justin introduced us to Pac and showed off his new tattoo?!

David G. Imber, a self-professed "hamster advocate for more than 15 years," admitted that the Biebs "meant well in delighting his adoring fan with the gift of his hamster," but argued that "no pet, large or small, should ever be 'gifted' to an unknowing recipient." He originally said the "Believe" singer unwittingly "was practicing a form of animal cruelty."

But Pac's new mom sure looks like she's doting on the little guy. @victoriablair21 explained on Twitter that she "met Justin outside [Jingle Ball in Atlanta] and he gave him to me!!"

Justin auctioned off his pet snake

"BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!," she added excitedly, promising fellow Beliebers to keep them updated on the rodent's adventures.

And after seeing that Pac was, in fact, with a loving, new owner, Imber told E! News that "the recipient is apparently doing her best to do right by the animal, and for that I supposed we should actually thank Mr. Bieber!"

He noted, however, that "in most cases the situation would almost certianly turn tragic."

We're just glad Pac is still a member of the Belieber family and appears to be getting lots of love and attention. Swag!

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Pac is still a very important pet!



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