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    After Earth Trailer: 5 Key Moments From Will Smith's Post-Apocalyptic Family Outing With Son Jaden Smith!

    Some dads bond with their sons by taking them on a camping trip. Will Smith? He and Jaden Smith hightail it to a perilous, postapocalyptic Earth!

    Six years after costarring in The Pursuit of Happyness, the duo is back in After Earth, a futuristic actioner from M. Night Shyamalan in which the two crash-land on Earth a thousand years after a global catastrophe forces humans to scoot.

    Now the duo must fend for themselves in an unforgiving wilderness that gives all new meaning to "lonely planet." Consider this your handy, five-point travel guide to the trailer.

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    After Earth, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

    1. Breathe In, Breathe Out: You'll be forgiven for having a Darth Vader déjà vu when the trailer opens, led by the sound of deep breathing followed by the image of Cypher Raige (Will) and his son Kitai (Jaden) sitting in a spaceship with oxygen masks strapped on. It's the calm before the storm: In an explosive instant, Cypher is violently sucked out of the ship as it's torn apart. Dum-dum-dum!

    After Earth, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

    2. Things Are About to Erupt, Literally: So much for a smooth landing: The two are immediately thrust into a strange, verdant and hostile environment, as Kitai must make sense of his new surroundings while still reeling from their crash.

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    After Earth, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

    3. Is There a Doctor in the House?! On the Planet?! Cypher looks seriously injured, but thankfully he seems to have packed his handy 911 thingamabob, which helps him X-ray himself for any internal damage.

    After Earth, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

    4. Time to Leave the Nest: "Son, this is not training," Cypher intones. "This is a Class 1 quarantined planet...everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans." Right about that: Soon, Kitai heads out on his own but discovers he's being trailed by all sorts of...creatures.

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    After Earth, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

    5. Leap of Faith: In a sly homage to Planet of the Apes, the film flips expectations when Cypher asks Kitai, "Do you know where we are? This is Earth." Thankfully, Kitai's got some nifty gadgets to help him maneuver around, including a snazzy suit that allows him to jump off cliffs and glide. Something tells us, though, these two aren't sending back any "Wish you were here" postcards!

    After Earth opens in theaters on June 7.

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