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    Larry Hagman: His Five Greatest Roles

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    Larry Hagman, Dallas
    Larry Hagman, Dallas CBS

    Known best for his role as dastardly oil tycoon J.R. Ewing on Dallas, Larry Hagman became one of the highest-paid actors on the small screen during his 60-plus-year-long acting career, leaving an indelible stamp on the entertainment industry.

    Before he passed away Friday from complications of a recent battle with cancer, Hagman racked up numerous memorable roles in TV and film after beginning his acting career in the late 1950s, most notably in comedy-drama Primary Colors, Cold War classic Fail-Safe and the famed sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. 

    But that was just a drop in J.R.'s tall hat of acting accomplishments.

    In memory of his legacy, we take a look at five of Hagman's most notable roles. 

    Larry Hagman, Dallas TNT

    1. Dallas: Sporting TV's most legendary cowboy hat, Hagman shined as one of TV's most iconic villains: backstabbing, cunning oilman J.R. Ewing. On the primetime soap centered on a wealthy Texas family, Hagman played J.R. for more than a dozen years from 1978-1991, and later reprised the role in the reboot of the series when it premiered in June.

    Hagman, who earned two Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations for the role, announced in late 2011 that he was battling cancer.

    Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden, I Dream of Jeannie Screen Gems

    2. I Dream of Jeannie: Hagman catapulted to fame in 1965 with his role as Captain/Major Anthony Nelson on this comedy TV series. Playing a NASA astronaut who finds a beautiful genie (Barbara Eden as Jeannie) in a bottle when he gets stranded on a deserted island. 

    Hagman opens up his battle with cancer

    Larry Hagman, Fail Safe Columbia

    3. Fail-Safe: In the 1964 political thriller, Hagman played Buck, who serves as the interpreter for the President when he communicates with the Russian Premier. 

    Larry Hagman, Anthony Hopkins, Nixon Buena Vista Pictures

    4. Nixon: Hagman played bitter, corrupt—and fictitious—Texas oilman Jack Jones, who had John F. Kennedy shot and blackmailed Richard Nixon in Oliver Stone's politically charged flick Nixon.

    Larry Hagman, Sanaa Lathan, Nip/Tuck FX

    5. Nip Tuck: In season four of the FX series Nip/TuckHagman returned to TV, starring with Sanaa Lathan as a couple who become the new owners of plastic surgery practice McNamara/Troy, after buying the practice run by Drs. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). 

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