Paulina Rubio

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Sometimes stars have certain demands, and if they're not met, then (in this case) you allegedly get beat up.

The former personal assistant for Mexican singer Paulina Rubio served the star with a $250,000 assault and battery lawsuit, claiming the star beat him up after he booked her a last-minute flight in coach. 

We're not joking. 

According to the court documents filed by Felipe Restrapo Betancur, the event took place "on or about" Oct. 28, when Rubio arrived late for a flight from Miami to Mexico. Betancur made arrangements so she could fly out on the next plane to Mexico, so she wouldn't be late for her appearance. But there was a problem. 

There were no first class seats available, so Rubio had to endure sitting in coach—gasp!

The lawsuit claims the singer "struck the Plaintiff with her fists, and verbally abused Plaintiff calling him names." It also states that throughout the weekend in Mexico together, Rubio "punched, slapped and kicked Plaintiff causing him abrasions and contusions on his shins and arms."

As you might have expected, Betancur quit once they arrived back in Miami. 

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