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    The 4 Best Twilight Villains, Plus 2 That Suck

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    We know Twilight is all about the anticipation of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally getting it on—which they did in Breaking Dawn Part 1. But Part 2 is upon us now, and lovey-dovey honeymoons have been replaced by the impending threat of Volturi vamps.

    So what better time, before the teeth sharpening begins and the blood spills, to look back on some of the best villains the saga has bestowed upon us. Oh yeah, and two bloodsuckers that just plain suck. But let's start with the good, shall we?

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    New Moon, Michael Sheen Summit Entertainment

    1. Aro: Considered the main leader of the Volturi, Aro, played by Michael Sheen, is a touch-sensitive telepath and a collector of sorts: He'll do anything to bring gifted vampires (such as prophesying Alice Cullen) in to his fold. He oscillates between manically gleeful and stoic, a true power player in the vamp world (heck, he'll kill his own family to maintain power).

    Cam Gigandet, Twilight Summit Entertainment

    2. James: One sadistic bloodsucker, James, played by Cam Gigandet, is a master of the hunt. Which is why, after he gets plasma whipped by Bella, he will stop at nothing to drain her. Oh, and he has a centuries old feud with Alice that he'd like to settle too. Unfortunately, despite getting a nibble of Ms. Swan, he's eventually stopped and killed by Edward, Emmett and Jasper.

    Dakota Fanning, Eclipse Summit Entertainment

    3. Jane: Sure, she may be tiny, but Jane, played by Dakota Fanning, packs one powerful punch. In fact, she's probably the most badass of all the bad guys the Twi saga has to offer. Which is why she (and her stupid brother Alec, more on him in a second) is the highest ranking member of the Volturi guard, with the ability to inflict pain on someone with a simple death state.

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    Bryce Dallas Howard, Eclipse Summit Entertainment

    4. Victoria: The undead damsel, played by Rachelle Lefevre and Bryce Dallas Howard, turned deadly after the Cullens killed her mate, James (see, awesome vampire No. 2). Which sparked her desire to kill Bella. The best way to do so? By creating an army of baby vamps to have her back, including Riley Biers (Xavier Samuel), one of the hottest vampires to grace The Twilight Saga. Thanks, girl!

    And then there's the vampire that just plain suck.

    New Moon, Kristen Stewart, Edi Gathegi Summit Entertainment

    1. Laurent: Just pick a side already, ya stupid flip-flopping vampire. Laurent, played by Edi Gathegi, was a onetime Cullen ally who maintained some loyalty to Victoria. He kind of just wavered between the vegetarian lifestyle and eating people until finally deciding to kill Bella himself. All in all, he really only served to give Jacob (Taylor Lautner) a reason to be the hero. And we're just not here for that.

    New Moon, Cameron Bright Summit Entertainment

    2. Alec: Blerg. We saved the worst for last! Jane's twin brother, played by Cameron Bright, seems to have landed in the shallow end of that gene pool. Because while his sister turned into a total lethal vampire stud, he pales in comparison (no pun intended, har har har). Alec's able to release a Lost-esque smoky fog from his hands, but his main power just seems to be that pouty sneer. Pass!

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