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    Alleged Justin Bieber Naked Pic Surfaces; Beliebers Leap to Defend Honor

    Justin Bieber

    Say it ain't so, Biebs!

    A day after Justin Bieber tweeted that a camera and laptop containing "personal footage" was stolen from his tour manager's office during a tour stop in Tacoma, Wash., a nude picture is now being floated around on Twitter purporting to be of the teen idol.

    While some of Bieber's female fans may have been hoping for a sex tape, is the pic the real deal?

    Justin Bieber throws up onstage, keeps rockin'

    The "Believe" singer's camp so far isn't commenting.

    Well, the shot in question, which has since been taken down, shows a naked young man's torso and lower extremities, with the guy sporting a similar-looking bird tattoo on his hip in the exact same spot that Bieber has on his body.

    However, as via reports, Beliebers have been quick to note on Tumblr that the nude dude's bellybutton isn't the same as Justin's and his nipples don't match up. Plus the tat could easily have been added thanks to Photoshop, and not only that, but fans say the photo was already online before Bieber's stuff was pinched.

    Justin Bieber's house target of prank emergency call; pop star robbed of computer, camera on tour

    The nude-pic rumor isn't the only headache for the 18-year-old hitmaker this week.

    Early Wednesday morning, Bieber's L.A. home was the target of a swatting prank when police received an emergency message that someone was waving a gun nearby. However, cops quickly determined the report was a hoax after a call to Bieber's security team at the residence.

    Aside from the Beliebers, we have to ask: What's Justin Bieber's appeal?