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Married to Jonas Recap: Kevin Gets Locked Out While Recording the New Jonas Brothers Album

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Married to Jonas
Married to Jonas E! Networks

Not many of us can understand the pressure of going on hiatus from your band for three years, then coming back and expected to be stronger and better than ever.

Know who can? Kevin Jonas and the rest of the Jonas Brothers band, who are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album. The problem is, though, that Kevin is having trouble hitting the notes he needs so they can move on to the next track. Yikes...that's not an easy convo to have with your bros!

Meanwhile, Danielle Jonas is feeling pressure of her own while trying to plan her little sister Katie Deleasa's graduation party. What should be a piece of graduation cake turns into a turf war between Dani and her sister, Dina Deleasa. The stress level gets so high, that at one point Dani is forced to lock Kevin out of their bedroom just to keep her sanity.

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Married to Jonas fans, start your drama engines!


Pee Monsters Exist: That is, they live in the form of Kevin and Dani's two puppies, who just can't seem to get enough of marking their territory all over the house.

Kevin Owns a Black Light: Because, ya know, it's possible that he'll need to detect things that the untrained eye can't perceive. Like the "accidents" his puppies make all over his house.

Kevin says the JoBros are "days away from choosing a single"

Dina Doesn't Know It All: Even though big sister Dina Deleasa may think she's the only one who can plan a party, Dani proves her wrong when she comes through with a great graduation soiree for little sister Katie Deleasa. Really, who wouldn't want the Steel Pier in Atlantic City all to themselves?!

Under Pressure: While you may think that the Jonas Brothers feel pressure from their critics, it turns out they are the ones who are being hardest on themselves. Kevin especially, who can't shake the feeling that this will be a make or break moment in his career.

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"Every time I turn around for two seconds, they're taking a dump."—Kevin

"As far as theme and pizzazz and a little bit of sparkle, she's clearly missing the mark."—Dina

"If this record failed, I don't know what I would do."—Kevin

"We will behave like gentleman! In the studio! Always!"—Joe Jonas

"Playing music is what makes me who I am. If I'm not great and this album's not great, what does that say about us?"—Kevin

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