Salma Hayek, Oliver Stone

David Fisher/Rex/Rex USA/BEImages

Oliver Stone couldn't resist admiring Salma Hayek's natural-born bosom.

At the U.K. photocall for the Oscar-winning director's latest flick, The Savages, in which the stunning star plays a cartel leader, Stone seemed to be copping a feel of Hayek's cleavage as the two walked the red carpet at London's Mandarin Oriental hotel.

The 46-year-old Oscar nominee, who wore a sleek blue and red aubergine dress and platform heels, laughed off Stone's overexuberance, despite looking briefly uncomfortable before members of the press.

Both Hayek and Stone are married, by the way—she to French businessman François-Henri Pinault and he for 15 years to wife Sun-jung Jung.

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