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    Duchovny and Leoni Marry

    Like matter and anti-matter, the beautiful people find each other, collide and remove themselves from our fantasy lives in a blinding explosion.

    And so it has come to pass that David Duchovny, who's sexy in a quiet, serious kind of way, and Téa Leoni, who's sexy in a I've-got-long-legs-but-can-still-fall-down funny kind of way, started dating only recently and got married yesterday evening in New York.

    Here are the facts as we know them: Duchovny presented himself on Monday at the marriage-license bureau in New York, wearing a false mustache, and was immediately recognized by scores of witnesses.

    Tuesday night, he, wearing a beige Armani suit, and she, wearing a pale pink floral gown from Lily et Cie., married in a ceremony attended by immediate family at Grace Church School, a private institution in Manhattan where his mother teaches. The wedding party then went to a small French bistro in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. No word on the menu yet.

    Duchovny, you know. Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files and all that. Soon to get even bigger when the Files moves into feature films. More than just a head of hair, he holds a Master's in English literature from Yale. He's been romantically linked to Winona Ryder. He's 36. It's his first marriage. We did an interview with him recently. Go read.

    Leoni, maybe you don't know. She's 31, first got significant airtime as a daffy party girl on Flying Blind, a short-lived Fox comedy in 1992, then starred in The Naked Truth as a photographer for a tabloid newspaper, first for ABC last season and this season for NBC. The show has done okay in the ratings, largely because it has followed Seinfeld, and will come back next year. This is Leoni's second marriage; the first, to a commercial director, ended in divorce in 1995 after she took up with Chris Thompson, her producer on Naked. She broke up with Thompson last year.

    They're pretty, they're talented--and they have a sense of humor about themselves! After their romance hit the tabloids, a recent episode of The Naked Truth featured Leoni's character hearing that Duchovny is cheating on "the skinny, blond sitcom bimbo he's hot and heavy with." When the story ends up in print, Duchovny, who is never seen in the episode, takes her paper to court.