Emma Watson

Jerod Harris/Getty Images For Vitaminwater

Happy birthday, Anastasia Steele! Fifty Shades of Grey's S&M-lovin', Bella Swan-esque college student-turned-sex goddess is celebrating her birthday today. So what do you give a girl who has everything (or at least has access to the red room)?

If you're Hollywood, how about a Harry Potter star! Well, that's the latest rumor surrounding casting for the Fifty Shades big screen adaptation: Emma Watson is allegedly in the works to appear opposite Ryan Gosling, who is rumored to be in talks to play Christian Grey.

So what does the Perks of Being a Wallflower star have to say?

"She's laughing, a little bit nervously as I'm sure everybody was when they read those books," costar Nina Dobrev relayed to our very own Ryan Seacrest during a phone call On Air on 102.7 KIIS FM.

"She would be far more interested if he were playing Christian Grey," Nina continued about Emma's apparent infatuation with Mr. Gosling. "I guess that's all it takes."

There you go, producers! Make it happen. It's not like Emma is exactly foreign to highly anticipated flicks, just look at her latest adaptation that debuted at the Toronto International Film Fest: "We got a standing ovation! It was crazy!" Emma gushed about Perks. "Everyone stood up…it was absolutely amazing."

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