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Ty Burrell, Modern Family, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural, Britney Spears, The X Factor, Jeff Probst, Survivor

Monty Brinton/CBS; Danny Feld/ABC; CW; Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Can the other networks go up against ABC's legendary Wednesday-night comedy lineup (it includes Modern Family and The Middle, for starters) and win in a DVR match to the death? Well, Fox is pulling out the big guns to try and do just that. And by big guns, we mean Britney "Queen of Pop" Spears.

In today's DVR Deathmatch, Wednesday nights are jam-packed with CBS procedurals, a CW favorite, and a pretty much brand-new NBC lineup. Check out the breakdown of time slots below, and then pick the one show in each time period that you'll be watching live. Does Britney get your pick? Or are you loyal to your CBS standbys? We're dying to know, so have at it!