David Portner, Animal Collective, Rihanna, Prince Harry

Andrea Collins/WireImage; Splash; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kissing off summer is a lot easier when the slate of hotly anticipated fall album releases starts to unfold. The transition from bouncy summer jams (we'll never forget you, Carly Rae Jepsen) to jagged back-to-school anthems is underway, with Animal Collective taking a prominent spot on our current playlist.

Meanwhile, the heat seems to have gotten to Joan Rivers, who probably couldn't be happier that her comments about Rihanna have sparked a mini-feud. It's no Madonna vs. Gaga, but it'll do.

And even though Prince Harry has deleted the fake Facebook account that somehow made him even more famous, we'll spend at least part of the Labor Day weekend toasting to the dearly departed Spike Wells and stealing ideas to help catapult our own alter egos to new heights of tabloid infamy.

Behold the ephemeral majesty of our current pop-culture obsessions, and share your own in the comments.

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