Amy Adams

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When did it become a rule that actresses have to wear circulation-crushing dresses whenever they go on a late-night talk show?

Lea Michele already has no feeling in her left boob thanks to that recent trip to David Letterman. Eva Longoria is still getting over that Victoria Beckham-induced lung collapse she must have suffered before visiting that very same show.

And now we've got Amy Adams, venturing into a too-tight, overly bunchy red frock that is both unnecessary and, we suspect, squeezing her spleen into a useless pulp.

This dress clearly hates the actress, what with its death grip on her bust line and the bulk it adds in the hips. And, really, what did Amy ever do to hurt anybody? Except star in Leap Year?

All that said, we will add this: Her makeup—bronzy, warm, flawless—is awesome. Let's hope she wears that flushed and sexy look again...with a totally different dress.

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