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    Maria Shriver Tweets Pic of Son Patrick Schwarzenegger's Dorm Move

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    Maria Shriver, Patrick Schwarzenegger
    Maria Shriver, Patrick Schwarzenegger Twitter

    Maybe Taylor Swift coulda helped out with this one!

    On Tuesday, Patrick Schwarzenegger (cousin to Taylor's beau Conor Kennedy) moved into his new dorm room at the University of Southern California.

    And although the Speak Now singer has been joined at the hip with the Kennedy clan, she was MIA from this particular family affair.

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    Instead, Patrick got a helping hand from another big celeb: none other than his famous mom, Maria Shriver!

    The 56-year-old journalist and Kennedy scion helped her son move into his new digs, making sure the incoming freshman had everything squared away before classes begin.

    And she was more than happy to share the experience.

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    "It's very different moving boys into college compared to two girls," the mom of four tweeted on Tuesday. "So much less stuff. No matching this and that."

    And—as is the case with most Kennedy shindigs—this one was a family affair: Patrick also got some help from 22-year-old sis Katherine Schwarzenegger, who, it turns out, had stayed in that exact same dorm room while a student at USC.

    "So exhausted from moving @PSchwarzenegger into my old dorm at USC!!" Katherine tweeted. "So freaky and I'm for sure going to be waterworks all day tomorrow!"

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    Maria's estranged hubby, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was conspicuously absent on the big day, but she later took to Twitter to ponder her increasingly burgeoning empty nest. 

    "Patrick's first night away will be tomorrow night. Send me lots of virtual Kleenex! Happy for him but the mom in me is also sad," she wrote.

    Hope that Kleenex came in handy, because Maria was still in a contemplative mood the next day.

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    "Sent my third kid off to college today...heart-wrenching for me, so exciting for him," she tweeted. "I understand how blessed he is to be going and how blessed we are to be able to send him. My hat is off to all these parents and kids who work so hard to get there."

    We couldn't have said that any better.

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