X Factor Judges, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell

Mickshaw / FOX

Simon Cowell, we enjoy when you come down hard on all the awful contestants who parade in front of you during every audition process, but we draw the line at you mocking Britney Spears' sweet Southern accent. How dare you?!

But it's all in good fun, because, based on the new promo for The X Factor, Cowell, Spears, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid are having way too much fun behind that giant judging table. There's an aspiring rap artists who basically just moans through his song, a prepubescent boy gyrating to an LMFAO hit, and finally, a couple of hot guys who Britney wishes she could see every morning. What?!

Just watch the promo below and you'll see what we mean.

The X Factor premieres Sept. 12 on Fox!

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