Blake Lively, Gucci Ad


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We've already established that Blake Lively is an alien. Or an angel. Or some other supernatural inhuman wonder.

Otherwise we have no explanation for why she never, ever takes a bad photo, wears a frumpy outfit or has a frizzy hair day.

The bitch's winning streak continues and we have the proof—courtesy of a brand-new ad for Gucci Premiere perfume.

Yep, that's the Gossip Girl star, all right, shining like a beacon of effing perfection as she stares out at the Los Angeles skyline, clad in a column of pure sunlight, or something, just waiting for her fellow immortals to come pick her up and take her back home.

The commercial also shows some footage of the 24-year-old actress gliding through the desert, sweating not. At. All.

Enough already. Either somebody send us a photo of Blake with a zit, or let us wallow in our jealousy in peace. Oh, and you can watch the commercial in full here—just prepare to find absolutely no flaws.

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