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Tighter, clingier, lesser.

That's the Olympic motto of Olympic sports that don't feature much in the way of pec-obscuring long-sleeve shirts, form-hiding shoulder pads and calf-covering tube socks.

Here's your watch list for the most-revealing, least-clothed games:

1. Women's Beach Volleyball: If this had been a big-time sport in the 1970s, guaranteed there would've been a Charlie's Angels episode about Jaclyn Smith going undercover—or uncovered, as it were—at the U.S. trials. 

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2. Men's Diving: You'd think all the swimming events would be skin shows, but you'd be wrong. Some of the trunks are long. Some of the suits are full-body. But you can always count on the men at the diving board for the full Monty.

10,000 meter, Shalane Flanagan, Amy Hastings

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3. Women's 10,000 Meters: It shares a disinterest in modesty with women's beach volleyball, and, actually, all of the barely clad track sports, except here the two-pieces move in a swift herd. It's like being attacked by abs. 

Hungary's Water Polo Team


4. Men's Water Polo: The sport's itty-bitty-little outfits aren't all that different from the ones modeled by the divers, and, frankly, they're often hidden underwater, but what they lack in originality and visibility, they make up for in volume. Outside of certain adult-only Websites, there's nothing quite like the team photo of a men's water-polo team.

Brandi Chastain


5. Women's Soccer: Compared to some of the other sports, the participants in this one are practically out there sweating in full nun garb. But the Brandi Chastain moment, at a World Cup, true, and not the Olympics, reminds that lurking beneath jerseys are sports undies that could be revealed at any moment. 

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