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Talk about double vision!

Hollywood loves to pit doppelgänger flicks against each other. Think dueling asteroids (Armageddon vs. Deep Impact!), dueling volcanoes (Dante's Peak vs. Volcano!), dueling critters (A Bug's Life vs. Antz!) and—most recently—dueling fairy tales (Snow White and the Huntsman vs. Mirror Mirror!).

Could Sleeping Beauty become the next fairy-tale showdown to follow in Kristen Stewart's battle-armored footsteps?

Start lining up those prickly spinning wheels!

With Angelina Jolie currently shooting the Sleeping Beauty–inspired live-action flick Maleficent, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a second, er, spin on the beloved fairy tale is also in the works.

This one comes from 21 Jump Street producer Neal Moritz, who says he's developing a modern-day take on the story that'll supposedly have a comedic twist.

(Getting déjà vu here? Sounds a lot like the face-off between like SWATH's gothic gloom and Mirror Mirror's candy-colored fluff!)

In this version, the present-day Prince Charming inadvertently finds himself being stalked by Sleeping Beauty after he accidentally wakes her up from her slumber, only to discover that she's stuck on him like a lovesick schoolgirl (or a psycho stalker—you choose).

No word yet on when the flick will hit theaters, or whom they're considering for the lead.

But one thing's for sure: This Sleeping Beauty smackdown is shaping up to be anything but a snooze.

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