Mick Jagger

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Let's spend the night together. And then some!

Yep. According to Christopher Andersen, whose new book Mick: The Wild and Mad Genius of Jagger has just been released, rock legend Mick Jagger has had an estimated 4,000 lovers!

During an appearance on CBS This Morning, the author noted Jagger has been "a busy boy."

Andersen went on to add, "[Ex-wife] Jerry Hall proclaimed after putting up with his infidelity for 23 years that he was a sex addict, and she asked him to get help. Keith [Richards] asked him to get help, and they were thrilled when he sought help from a sex therapist. Until he seduced the sex therapist."

As for his other conquests?

During a chat with Extra, Andersen claimed that Jagger's past flings include Uma Thurman, Carly Simon, Carla Bruni, Angelina Jolie...and David Bowie.

Sounds like somebody has gotten plenty of satisfaction.

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