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It may be blazing hot in much of the U.S., but some places on Earth are still nice and crisp.

Thank you, Kate Middleton, for reminding us of that in your beloved Alexander McQueen knit sweaterdress, which you wore during what locals described as a "freezing" day at Wimbledon.

Now, pardon us while we scrape the bottom of the freezer for stray ice chips while our cat melts under the coffee table in the living room...

For the record, this is not the first time the Duchess of Cambridge has worn this cozy, nautical number, which reminds us of a grownup Shirley Temple. You know, if Shirley Temple drove to her wedding in a coach and lived in a palace and spent her holidays with the queen. And she's not the only A-lister to have worn it!

Mrs. Wales (yes, really, Wales, that's what her princely husband goes by at work) showed up at the famed tennis tournament to support player Andy Murray.

While we go stick our heads in the fridge, tell us if you like Kate's nautical look or think this is a fashion flop below!

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