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    Total Recall Trailer: Five Things That Have Us Excited for the Remake

    No need to question, this is definitely real—we think.

    Director Len Wiseman's reboot of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger flick Total Recall, starring Colin Ferrell and Kate Beckinsale, hits theaters August 3. And judging by the trailer, we really will be going on the ride of our life.

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    Total Recall, Screen grabs Columbia Pictures

    1. Three's Not a Crowd: You'll quickly learn that the film is set in a different time—a time when technology is more advanced and women, apparently, have three breasts. If you saw the original, this doesn't come as a surprise, but it's still pretty awesome. "You're gonna wish you had three hands," she tells Farrell, and she's probably right.

    Total Recall, Screen grabs Columbia Pictures

    2. Bad Wife: All this time, we were thinking, "Oh, look at how sweet Kate Beckinsale is as Colin's wife." Then she turns on him and we find out she's all crazy and ready to kill him because she's part of the Rekall. Sigh, it's always the hot ones.

    Total Recall, Screen grabs Columbia Pictures

    3. More Female Eye Candy: Surprise! Jessica Biel's in the flick, too, playing Melina. And judging by the chemistry between her and Quaid/Hauser (Ferrell), it's pretty clear that something between these two gets reignited. Did you notice we said reignited? Yeah, there's a story there.

    Total Recall, Screen grabs Columbia Pictures

    4. Catfight!: If the mere presence of two beautiful Hollywood actresses like Beckinsale and Biel weren't enough to please you, then you will be happy to hear that the babes get into it with each other (they fight, you guys. This isn't Black Swan. Sorry), and that's always fun to watch.

    Total Recall, Screen grabs Columbia Pictures

    5. High Throttle Action: You can rest assured that your need for adrenaline during this movie will be fulfilled. There's not a minute where someone isn't shooting someone else or things are getting blown up. Plus, Farrell takes down all these Rekall guys (that look like Star Wars' stormtroopers) and well, that's sexy.

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