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Charlie Sheen's Mea Culpa Tour Continues: Is He Done With His Party-Hearty Ways?

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Has Charlie Sheen finally, irrevocably, fastidiously turned over a new leaf?

The comebacking star, who recently opened up to Playboy about his infamous 2011 meltdown in a sprawling and no-holds-barred interview, continues to come clean about his past follies as he gears up for the Thursday premiere of his new sitcom, Anger Management.

The one-time warlock swung by Good Morning America on Monday and sounded off about his breakdown, his regrets and exactly what vices he's indulging these days…

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First up: those destructive habits.

Host Elizabeth Vargas asks Sheen point-blank whether he still does drugs, to which he replies, "I'm not, no."

Alcohol? "Well, who doesn't?" is his crafty answer, before adding, "We live in a country where it's always Miller Time, so what are you going to do? It's happy hour somewhere in the world, right?"

As for rehab, don't expect to see the star sign up for any treatment programs down the line.

"I don't believe in rehab anymore," he says matter-of-factly. "It's not for me. It's not for everyone. It's not a one-size-fits-all, and it didn't fit me."

The star, who was recently cast as the president of the United States in Roberto Rodriguez's upcoming flick Machete Kills, does seem to have a sobering sense of how far off the deep end he went.

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"It's nice to be in the chair and not on the couch," he says about his time in therapy, adding that his "biggest regret is going a little too far."

"The regret would be that I was so vocal about people I shouldn't have been that vocal about," he explains. "Even though I was right and there was a couple of things they did that were wrong"—Sheen was famously fired from Two and a Half Men after brutally blasting creator Chuck Lorre—"there's still a way to go about this that's a little less than that," he says, gesturing widely.

He's also thankful that he's managed to pull himself back from the brink.

"I'm grateful that we're able to sit here and talk about it," he says. "It is odd to look at some of the clips and some of the stuff and think, wow, that was me. That was me. I think it's a crazy character study on some level that hopefully will find itself to be valuable in the future."

We'll second that sentiment any day.

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