Hmmm…wonder if Harry Potter's got a spell to cure hangovers?!

Erstwhile boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe has gone to great lengths to prove he's all grown up—'member his willy-nilly willy peepshow in Broadway's Equus?

Well, the actor ups the ante in the new video for Slow Club's "Beginners," in which he meticulously slashes away at his boyish persona with a laundry list's worth of boozy debauchery.

Turns out, The Woman in Black star really knows how to black out...

In the four-minute video, which was shot in one long take, the bleary-eyed star appears solo in a bar while in the throes of one gobsmackingly boozy bender.

We're not sure what's more awesome: the fact that he's dressed in a groovy Hawaiian shirt that makes him look like a wayward extra from The Descendants who ended up on the set of The Rum Diary? Or the fact that Radcliffe can convincingly channel one helluva drunk dude?

Watch as he stumbles around the bar, lip-syncs, jumps up on tables, plays air guitar and passes out—all while looking more ashen than Voldermort with an epic case of the stomach flu.

Tippletastic, you say? We'll raise our glasses to that, Danny boy—hiccup!

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