Amber Portwood, MUGSHOT

A week after being released from the slammer, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has returned to jail.

The 22-year-old was booked a little after 5 p.m. today on two contempt-of-court charges.

"Amber finally had enough. The system failed her, and that is all I can say," brother Shawn Portwood tells E! News.

"I really feel for my sister. She does not deserve to be there or anything that has happened to her. She is there because of who she is."

Portwood has been struggling with the terms of her probation and was put behind bars a couple weeks ago for failing to appear in an Indiana court, which she claims were due to doctor's orders to rest after surgery. She was released last Thursday.

She had told E! News that she was doing "OK. Just hustling. I've got a lot on my plate," and her brother shared that she is contemplating joining the military.

The reality star's probation stemmed from her arrest and subsequent jail time last December for drug possession.

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