Gwen Stefani


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Here's a little secret about celebrities—they don't pay for anything.

Publicists and designers send celebs so much free stuff it's doubtful that a star even shells out for her thongs these days. (Unless you're Lady Gaga, in which case you probably don't wear thongs. Or anything else down there.)

On that note, we give you Gwen Stefani!

We'd love to be spotted in one or even two of these pieces at a time, but all together they just compete and cancel each other out.

Although, when you're getting dozens of free bracelets and bags and hats and sunglasses every week, if not every day, why not pile ‘em on? You're just gonna get a new box of stuff tomorrow, after all. So, what exactly did the No Doubt singer likely not pay for while walking around Los Angeles?

We spy a bunch of stuff that, individually, we'd like to have right frickin' now, including a pair of red-hot jeans with at least four zippers, a black fedora, killer open-toe booties, a light, tweedy-looking gray jacket, a Band-Aid (just being thorough), oversized checkered sunglasses, at least one necklace, a silver cutout cuff bracelet, stud earrings, a skinny black belt and a leather tote in tan and Mountain-Dew green.

I know what you're thinking: Gee, is that all?

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