MET Gala, Ginnifer Goodwin

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Yes, believe it or not, the young girl from Mona Lisa Smile turned 34.

The very talented Ginnifer Goodwin is celebrating her birthday today, and we're almost positive it's going to be nothing short of a fairy tale.

After sharing her hubby in Big Love and illustrating different ways of how to know that a guy is just not that into (and then becoming the exception), Goodwin took on the role of a princess, playing Snow White in the series Once Upon a Time.

And it looks like she found her Prince Charming (literally) on set.

Ginnifer and her costar Josh Dallas, who plays David Nolan aka Prince Charming, have been cozying up with each other on their free time, too.

So on a special day like today, we're guessing he'll ride in on a white horse and give her the most magical birthdays of all time. No, we're not being unrealistic.

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