The Dark Knight Rises, Poster

Warner Bros.

Hmmm...why does this look familiar?

Oh, that's right, because this new Dark Knight Rises poster is almost identicial to the first teaser promo we saw in July, except with an inclusion of Batman and some fire to heat things up (no pun intended).

But that doesn't mean we're disappointed.

Although we would have loved to see something totally different, this poster still gets us excited for the flick's release and provides a cool action shot for the eyes. Practically all of Gotham City is on fire, you guys.

Plus, now that Batman's in the picture (literally), we wonder what perspective we're looking from. Are we just an audience member admiring the scenery or are we seeing this through the eyes of a fallen (and possibly defeated) villian?

Didn't think of that, did you?

Are you impressed with the new teaser poster? Let us know in the comments!

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