Jenna Morasca, Ethan Zohn


Can these two be any more inspirational?

Ethan Zohn is recovering from a recent stem-cell transplant as part of his battle against cancer, but the Survivor winner still found a way to attend longtime girlfriend Jenna Morasca's graduation from Columbia University yesterday. She now has a masters in counseling and clinical psychology with an emphasis in substance abuse.

looking smart and beautiful at graduation," he tweeted along with a picture.

"Wow so sweet 2day, my eternal love graduate from Columbia University w/ masters degree in Psychology. Lets fill day w/ CONGRATS," Morasca tweeted.

"Just walked. It's official everyone!! I have my Ivy league masters degree!!! I can't believe it. Don't worry we are taping all for our show," she continued. "Found out snuck outside in rain & waited for name be called.He can't come in still cause of transplant rules.How incredibly sweet"

"It was an overwhelming day but something in my heart was still missing not having my Mom there and Ethan in the ceremony. But still proud."

Zohn tells People, "To see her battle through all sorts of challenges and still find her passion for academics is such an inspiration. Plus, now I don't have to pay for therapy."

There ya go!

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