Miley Cyrus, Tish


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Dear Mothers everywhere: Hi! How did you spend your Mother's Day 2012?

If you're the 52-year-old creator of Miley Cyrus, we know what you were up to: Dressing like your daughter and hoping to not look too desperate.

This weekend, Tish Cyrus was spotted around Los Angeles wearing ripped jeans, a low-cut black tank and, well, that's apparently it. At least in the support department...

Her onetime-Disney-star daughter went in the other direction, opting for a vague Freaky Friday theme by squeezing into a pair of high-waisted mom jeans and a top that looks like it was worn by Olivia Newton-John circa 1978.

We're not sure whether Liam Hemsworth's gal was looking for a little attention from her man, or auditioning for Grease, but we do have one nice thing to say: We, uhhh, like the shoes.

Who needs Halloween when you have Hollywood?

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