Howard Stern, Ryan Seacrest

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We're just hours away before Howard Stern makes his debut as the newest judge on America's Got Talent.

And this morning, the shock jock called in to Ryan Seacrest's radio program to chat about his involvement with the popular NBC competition show.

Oh yeah, and manicures.

"I love the show," Stern said of America's Got Talent. "The opportunity to go on and be a judge was huge for me. I think that I'm unique and I'm not trying to imitate any other judge. People said, 'Are you going to be like Simon Cowell or this one or that one?' And I said, 'No, Im going to be me and go on there and do the best job that I can.'"

Stern added that part of doing his job includes being honest with the contestants about their abilities, saying "you're doing a disservice" to them if you're not.

"I feel that's why you guys brought in [music producer] Jimmy Iovine on American Idol because you need someone to be more critical," Stern pointed out to Seacrest. "That J.Lo, Steven [Tyler] and Randy [Jackson] aren't being too tough."

As for how long Stern plans on doing AGT, he admitted he's simply going to wait and see how things unfold.

"I don't know. I'm trying it out this year. If America likes it, then that will influence me," he said. "I have a year deal, and an informal thing for a second year."

But the conversation wasn't all business, as Stern and Seacrest sequed into other topics including Stern revealing that he recently started getting, yep, his nails done.

TMI alert!

"When I would make love to my wife, and I know that's disgusting to think about, she would complain about my nails, that they were rough and they would cut her, and I can't cut my nails. I don't know why, but I'm just so bad at it," Stern explained. "I went with her one day and I said, 'I want to get a manicure,' and I let them cut my toenails, too. I had it done and now I go every week."

So now, in addition to checking out the talent tonight, we can also try and catch a glimpse of Stern's cleaned-up cuticles, too!

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