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It might be Mother's Day, but this episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was mostly about the men of Franklin Lakes.

From Al "neutral" Manzo and Rich "can't we all just get along" Wakile to the two Joes, Gorga and Giudice—the husbands had some of tonight's juiciest lines.

But who came across as a good guy and who dished some of the bitchiest comments even the women wouldn't touch? Lets get started!

Everyone needs to stop arguing and pay attention to Joe Giudice's trash talking.

Team Teresa. Team Melissa. Whatever, we're Team Anyone But Joe.

You knew the conversation with Teresa wasn't going anywhere good when he called his sister-in-law "horsey face" and "tramp," followed by the claim, "I know so many guys that went with her."

Joe then went on to rag on Caroline Manzo: "boring"; Rosie Pierri: "butchy boy"; and Kathy Wakile: "idiot cousin who looks like a frog."

Without a pizza business to keep him busy, Juicy Joe seems to be spending a little too much time dreaming up stuff to say about his wife's friends and family.

The bar was set pretty low to be tonight's rock star husband, so we would have settled for Al feeding Caroline strawberries in their Brownstone love nest. But buying her the $80,000 Jaguar for their 27th anniversary...yeah, that sealed the deal.

Plus, you have to respect the one husband who hasn't wrestled, trashed or threatened anyone (except maybe Danielle Staub). Heck, the man even calls himself Switzerland. Give it up for Al!

But Richie also gets props for looking out for his kids.

When Kathy throws an end-of-the-year pool party for Victoria, Joseph and their friends but also invites the Gorgas and the Giudices, Rich keeps the big picture in mind: "I told my kids, 'Don't invite any of your friends.'"

Richie's also the one who suggests Joe and his sister might benefit from therapy. Of course, that idea's not so well received (didn't he watch The Sopranos?!). "Old-school Italians do not go to therapy. They just don't talk for the rest of their lives," explained Joe.

Besides, we're not sure it's possible to come back from telling your sister, "F--k you, bitch." Or shooting it back to your brother with, "It needs to stop. Him and his f--king c--t wife."

That's right, Joe and Teresa's pool-party sit-down turned into a bigger flop than Rosie's stomach-first splash.

Did you expect them to be able to talk it out? Could therapy help, or do you think they've gone past the point of no return? And is anyone else stunned by how consistently bitchy Teresa's husband can be? Plus, how lucky is Caroline?

Sound off on all things going on in the Garden State in our Comments section below!

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