Snow White and the Huntsman

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Kristen Stewart has gone head to head with her fair share of Hollywood leading ladies…and she usually comes out on top (what else would you expect from Bella Swan?). But has she met her match in Charlize Theron?

Because though the prince himself, Sam Claflin, gushed over the Breaking Dawn babe and her intense acting chops, his mirror mirror voted another lady the fairest in the land. Sorry, Krisbians, but you better sit down for this one…

"She is one ugly hound, that girl," Sam joked with us when we asked what it was like being around the wickedest queen…ever. "She is potentially one of the most beautiful women in the world. And she is an awesomely down-to-earth lady."

Uh, tell us something we don't know, Sammy! When we said wicked queen, we meant Charlize is wickedly hot—even without that boob job she joked about recently.

"Obviously, I'm really happy for her because I've just heard she's adopted a baby which is incredible," Sam continued, referring to Char's new baby boy, Jackson. And though we have a feeling that evil Queen Ravena isn't exactly the fairy-tale darling little Jack sees in his mama, Sam says the filming was nothing but amazing.

"Everyone [was incredible]. Chris Hemsworth included, and all the guys playing the dwarfs," Sam explained. "It was just a very fun and entertaining four months after something that was very dramatic and intense."

The latter is a reference to his BBC series, White Heat, which had his character enduring heroin binges and all sorts of emotional hoopla. So while Chris and K.Stew got tossed around by a troll, riding horses was a breeze for Sam!

That's not to say Sam didn't have to get in shape for the action flick. In fact, he says it was his SWATH training that scored him "biceps that could open a tin can."

Hmmm, maybe we should just vote this the most beautiful cast in the world and call it a day, eh? It's certainly a lot easier than having to pick who's fairest of all.

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—Additional reporting by Christina Dowling

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