Lauren Conrad, Chace Crawford

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Polk Imaging

It was only a matter of time before The Hills and The Hills of the East Coast collided. Lauren Conrad and Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford apparently exchanged digits a while back just so they would be able to "stay in touch" whenever. Sounded iffy enuff, right? Right.

But wouldn't you know, all you dirty little wannabe sluts out there, C2, who now calls New Yawk home, always gets a text message from Lauren-love whenever he touches down in Hell-Ay. Booty text, perhaps?

"Not at all, they're just friends," said a pal of the dude with the best highlights in the Biz. We've been in T-town long enough to know that "just friends" is code for total BS.

So what's really going down here with this impossibly beautifully cheeked sitch? Check out today's Truth, Lies & Ted for further deets, if you haven't already gathered most of them.

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