Ryan Gosling

Kristian Dowling./Getty Images

Ryan Gosling is alive!

We just wanted to make sure you knew that the latest outlandish celebrity death report was a hoax before you planned a mass pilgrimage to the Austrian cliff where Gosling supposedly met his maker.

So, just what did the notoriously disreputable Global Associated News say happened to the Drive star?

The Canadian hunk supposedly fell 50 feet to his death from a mountain called the Hahnenkamm early this morning while filming a movie in the Kitzbühel Alps. (Presumably while thinking, Where is a Ryan Gosling-type hero when you need him?!)

We're happy to report that the places are real (and quite picturesque), but no celebrity was actually harmed in the making of this story.

In recent years, the Global Associated News has been responsible for unsuccessfully killing off Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Luke Perry, Denzel Washington and many more.

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