Eva Longoria


Following yesterday's horrific news that a former student had shot and killed seven people at Oikos University, a small Christian college in Oakland, Calif., celebrities took to the Twitterverse to express their condolences to the victims and their families and offer their thoughts and prayers.

E! News has a quick roundup of some of the most notable tweets:

"7 dead, 3 injured, suspect caught in college shooting," tweeted supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Kathy Ireland, linking to a San Francisco chronicle article about the tragedy. "Heartbreak. Pls Pray #NOW."

"Sending out my prayers for those involved in the classroom shooting at OIKOS University in Oakland, CA. All we need is LOVE," wrote Khloé Kardashian Odom.

"My prayers go out to those involved in the shooting," offered Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria.

"Sad for the people killed today in Oakland, CA. I will never understand why people go on these rampages. It's horrific," added country singer Chely Wright.

"Praying for Oakland," tweeted MC Hammer.

"To the students and families of those affected by the Oikos Christian University Shooting, you are in my prayers tonight. Sick, sick world," opined Travel Channel personality Adam Richman.

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