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    Total Recall Trailer: Five Things We Learned About Colin Farrell's Action-Packed Movie!

    Total Recall Sony Pictures

    Cue the special effects, hot leading ladies and loads of action…the trailer for Total Recall has officially hit the web!

    The first trailer for the remake of the 1990 sci-fi classic does not disappoint—starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston and Jessica Bielthe preview promises all the updated special effects that made the original Arnold Schwarzenegger flick so famous.

    Sci-fi fans rejoice! Here are five things we learned from the action-packed trailer:

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    Total Recall Sony Pictures

    1. Colin Farrell kicks serious butt: Farrell stares as Douglas Quaid (originally played by Schwarzenegger) in the 1990s original (based on a Philip K. Dick story). He visits Rekall, a company that can implant memories of a virtual vacation, but the experiment goes entirely wrong. Cue some major action, as Farrell begins an epic bad-boy takedown on some supercool Star Wars stormtrooper-looking bad guys in this futuristic setting. Oh, and it doesn't hurt he looks pretty good while doing it.

    Total Recall Sony Pictures

    2. Kate Beckinsale goes in for the kill: No one can be trusted in this science fiction world—even Quaid's wife (played by the beautiful Beckinsale) tries to kill Douglas in an action-packed scene. "You haven't even begun to see me try to kill you," she purrs. Talk about the perfect mix of beauty and badass (and she's married to the director Len Wiseman, the lucky dog)!

    Total Recall Sony Pictures

    3. Rekall will make your head spin: Step into the Rekall center and you'll feel virtually transported to 2084. While there, Farrell is instructed to "tell us your fantasy, we'll give you the memory" as wires are connected to his brain by a bleach-blonde John Cho. It's a full transformation into a virtual kingdom—prepare for loads of action inside Rekall's walls!

    Total Recall Sony Pictures

    4. Hottest girl fight, ever: Beckinsale is surely stunning, but don't forget the film boasts another leading lady: newly engaged Jessica Biel. Biel plays Melina, a former lover in Quaid's other, maybe-dreamed life. Expect an epic fight from these two hot chicks—the quick sneak peak already has us amped!

    Total Recall Sony Pictures

    5. Special effects, special effects and more special effects: The original Total Recall won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. No doubt, this updated version is definitely trying to top its predecesscor. Whether it's a flying car, heroic battle scene or a Rekall center takedown, there are loads of visual effects that already do not disappoint.

    The action-packed remake will hit theaters August 3.

    What do you think of the Total Recall trailer? Are you excited for the remake? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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