Marie Osmond

David Becker/Getty Images

Talk about a wild ride.

Marie Osmond had a bit of an accident during the Donny and Marie Cruise March 2, after a question from an audience member sent the singer and her famous brother into a fit of laughter.

And while it's not clear what the question was that caused both Donny and Marie to drop to their knees in laughter, it is clear that Marie laughed so hard that she tinkled on herself and the stage. And, most importantly, she was a total good sport about it.

So much so she even wipes up the stage in the video clip (which has since been removed from Youtube) while she and her brother guffaw.

"I just peed my pants!" Marie admitted to the audience. "Oh ship."

"You really did," Donny said, laughing even harder. "We promised you an experience. You got it!"

And that they did—in a totally charming way.

Osmond's rep later told E! News that it was anyone's guess what triggered the laughter, etc., but that "it was all in good fun."

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