Rihanna, Chris Brown

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Everyone apparently wants to prove Chris Brown is a "new" man…except, well, Chris Brown.

There was former GF (and assault victim) Rihanna, of course, who seemingly forgave the hip-hop artist and asked him to be on the blush-worthy remix of her track "Birthday Cake" (then made a cameo on his song "Turn Up the Music" too).

And now another member of the Ri-Ri fam is putting his support behind Brown:

Her father.

"Chris is a nice guy and everybody's entitled to make mistakes in their life. God knows how many I've made," Ronald Fenty told Heat magazine. "She's her own woman now.'"

It's no secret that Team Truth isn't part of #TeamBreezy (most of you aren't fans either, as over 50 percent of you told us you wouldn't be tuning in to their joint tracks), but can we just say: Yikes!

Sure, people make mistakes…but we don't think complimenting the dude who allegedly bit, punched and threatened to kill your daughter (all according to the police report filed) will win you any parenting awards.

Though, in the same interview, Ron tells a hilar (at least to him) little story about how he called Rihanna "fat," thus inspiring her new svelte frame, so he probably wasn't a contender anyway.

No wonder the gal's got some serious daddy issues.

Still, people who make mistakes should probably learn from them, that is the point, right? But we're not seeing this new Chris Brown, what with his angry rants (both expletive filled and often homophobic), new criminal accusation, arrogant ef-you ‘tude to the "haters," volatile run-ins (GMA chair incident, no?) and refusal to keep apologizing (even though he never really apologized once).

But then again, maybe Mr. Fenty is right: Rihanna is her own woman. And she seems to have no problem with Chris' ways.

In fact, Ri is instead occupying her time sparking what appears to be a high school-like feud with Chris' current GF, Karrueche Tran, via social media (she tweets pics that appear directed at Karrueche who Facebooks pointed lyrics in return). It's all terribly childish.

And isn't there a better man to fight over anyway?!

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