Katy Perry, Tim Tebow

John Shearer, Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Maybe her parents are trying to set them up and maybe Katy Perry gave Tim Tebow a shout-out during her performance for the DirecTV Super Saturday Night party where she dedicated a song to him with the lyrics, "I wanna see your peacock."

But today, the question of whether these two are having a fling was finally laid to rest (we think) when a young child asked the Denver Broncos quarterback what was going on.

Yes, really.

Tebow met with 100 kids at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in south Los Angeles today, promoting books and reading, along with sharing his struggle with dyslexia since he was a kid.

All very sweet, we know.

But when it came to the question-and-answer portion, one little fan got straight to the point and asked if he "has a thing" with the pop singer. Oooooh!

Tebow laughed and assured all his young and inquisitive friends that he does not, and we wouldn't like to think that he lies to kids.

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