Guess Who


Here's a case of good looks not falling far from the proverbial tree.

A particular lad from across the pond was spotted earlier this week with two of his children, both of whom easily managed to steal the spotlight from their daddy.

Which is certainly saying a lot considering Pops himself has always been pretty easy on the eyes.

As for who these two kids are, well, it's really quite elementary, our dear readers.

Jude Law, Iris Law, Rudy Law


They're Jude Law's children, 11-year-old Iris and 9-year-old Rudy!

The Sherlock Holmes star joined his offspring (from his six-year marriage to actress Sadie Frost) for a leisurely dinner at a restaurant in London on Monday.

Seriously. Being this attractive is almost criminal. In fact, there ought to be a, er, law!

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