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Project Runway All Stars, Muppets Edition: "Don't Disappoint Miss Piggy"

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Project Runway All Stars, Miss Piggy
Project Runway All Stars, Miss Piggy David M. Russell/Lifetime

Tonight's task was no less than "one of the best challenges in the history of Project Runway," according to Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

And considering the remaining competitors on Project Runway All Stars were charged with crafting a showstopping cocktail dress for Miss Piggy during the middle of a Muppet renaissance...

We'll give her that!

With tensions and bacon lust running high, the designers had their marching orders: "Don't disappoint Miss Piggy!"

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"I already feel sorry for all of her children I've eaten in the past!" the often wise-cracking Anthony Williams exclaimed as he and his fellow designers and their models crowded out of the work room on their way to the runway.

With Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman sitting in for an absent Isaac Mizrahi and Miss Piggy herself decked out in a precious tweed suit, the show got underway.

Among the highlights were Rami Kashou's flouncy pink-polka-dot organza confection that Daman called "Parisian hog couture"; Michael Costello's little black top hat and short flowery number that reminded Miss Piggy of "a present—a present for Kermie"; and Kenley Collins' strapless, pink-and-white giraffe print gown and cotton-candy-reminiscent hat of pink tulle.

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"This is the most garish, outlandish thing I have ever seen—I love it!" Miss Piggy raved about Rami's look. "It looks like a candy store exploded!"

But she named Michael the challenge winner!

Hey, Miss Piggy has always wanted to please her man. "Maybe if you were a little bit shorter and green," she told Michael when he asked if she had a date to The Muppets premiere.

Among the lowlights, however, were Gordana Gehlhausen's pleasant but snooze-inducing pink ruffled sheath; Mila Hermanovski's who-cares-what-Miss-Piggy-wants, black and white look that the grande dame herself said would make "a good Halloween costume"; and Austin Scarlett's well-constructed, but flamboyant in the wrong way pink and gray dress.

But though Mila really didn't design with the client in mind, Gordana was eliminated.

"You really are an all-star, Gordana, remember that!" Miss Piggy squealed.

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