American Horror Story, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters

Robert Zuckerman / FX; Prashant Gupta / FX

We haven't been this enthralled by a mystery since that whole Rubber Man debacle!

After we heard that some familiar faces may be back as new characters in an all new house, we've been dying to know who will (and won't) be returning to American Horror Story for season two.

The top of our list? Fan faves Jessica Lange and Evan Peters. But what does the wicked twosome have to say about it?

Well they're still playing pretty dang coy! And it's terribly frustrating if you're an AHS-aholic like we are.

"I don't know," Jessica told us backstage at the Golden Globes when we asked if she knew who might be returning. "I have no idea."

A sentiment echoed by Evan at the Art of Elysium pre-GG event: "No, we don't know anything. [Show creator Ryan Murphy]'s keeping it all secret. He hasn't said anything."

Hmm, rather suspicious seeing as FX president John Landgraf told reporters at the TCAs that Ry was "already in active conversations" with a few choice cast members to continue into the next season.

So are the twosome willing to come back, should they be asked?

"I'm down to come back, definitely!" Evan told us.

And if sounds like he'd be ready to put the horror in American Horror Story again, 'cause when we asked him if there was every a point in season one where Tate just went too far, Evan dead panned, "No. I was like more. Give me more. I want to kill more people. I want to do more bad stuff.

As for Jessica, who we're sure is at the top of Ryan's list as well? It sounds like she might just be willing to as well.

"I rarely see a script that excites me this much," Jessica gushed to us. "Ryan was a gift, a joy, he's brilliant, the most imaginative man working in the business today.

We'll take that as a yes, then! And heck, it'd be pretty dumb if she didn't come back, right? She did just win a Golden Globe for the show, after all! 

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