Just when you thought you got all the dirt from watching E! Live from the Red Carpet—we kept a little something up our sleeves.

Like our own Giuliana Rancic's interview with paisano George Clooney and his red-hot date Stacy Keibler.

Sure, you saw the couple talk to Ryan Seacrest on last night's preshow, but what did he tell Giuliana that never made it to air?

Well, an explanation of where all those lipstick marks came from, for a start.

"I am having fun. I get to walk around and see all my friends," the Cloonmeister said, offering up his cheek as proof.

"He is having fun; look at all these lipstick marks," Keibler said. "I walk away for one second..."

"Ooh, yeah," Clooney said. "I'm all over it, man."

Lucky ladies.

Did you miss Clooney's interview with Ryan Seacrest? Check it out now!

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