Vanessa Minnillo

Courtesy of David Becker/Wire Image

Who knew that Vanessa Lachey wanted to be on the X Factor?

No, not as a contestant, but rather as the show's host.

Yup. It turns out Lachey, who recently changed her last name (personally and professionally) from Minnillo to hubby Nick's surname, actually auditioned for the gig prior to the program's U.S. debut.

As we all know, of course, she didn't get the job. But the newlywed harbors no ill will.

"They went with a British guy [Steve Jones]. You can't get more polar opposite, so I am OK with that," she tells the New York Post. "Now if the host was a brunette girl in her early 30s, I would be like 'wait a minute!'"

However, Lachey didn't have to stay on the unemployment line for long—she's now the new cohost on ABC's wacky reality competition show Wipeout.

Meanwhile, there's been talk that Jones may not be returning to the X Factor. However, Lachey insists she wouldn't be interested if that opportunity was to now present itself.

"I'm happy where I'm at," she says.

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