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Biggest Loser Finale Down to a Few Good Men, but Who Lost Enough to Win It All?

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John Rhode, Antone Davis, Ramon Medeiros, The Biggest Loser
John Rhode, Antone Davis, Ramon Medeiros, The Biggest Loser Trae Patton/NBC

Between our tears from the emotional stories on tonight's Biggest Loser finale, our (blurry) vision finally got hold of the magical numbers that crowned this season's winner, who along with title, got to take home $250,000.

But before we found out who won the whole shebang, another contestant won some hefty cash also.

Let us explain...

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While anxiously anticipating the reveal of the three finalists and their final weigh-ins, all 12 of the elimated contestants walked onstage in groups of four to update the audience on how life has changed since departing from the ranch, and to also choose the three contestants that had the highest weight percentage loss for a chance at winning $100,000!

The lost-weight-at-home finalists were Vinny Hickerson, Patrick Ferrari and Jennifer Rumple. A couple of scale-beeps later, we found out that Jennifer, who lost three more pounds than Vinny, took home the cash prize.

And then it was between Ramon Medeiros, Antone Davis and John Rhode...

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All three were looking amazing, so naturally, we felt like it was anyone's game. But the scale doesn't lie, and Ramon was up, first.

The lively young contestant—who found love on the show and won his spot in the finale by finishing the marathon—started The Biggest Loser at 355 pounds. His final weight was 201 pounds, which means he lost a total of 154 pounds and had a 43.48 percent weight loss.

Pretty impressive! But not when it came to Antone, who initially came in at 447 pounds and ended at 245 pounds, which equals 202 pounds lost and had a 45.19 percent weight loss.

Finally, it was time to see where John stacked up. In order to win, he needed to lose at least 201 pounds. Well, he said he walked into that ranch with the objective of winning from day one, so congrats, John! After the scale revealed that the father of two lost 220 pounds, he was officially crowned the Biggest Loser and won the $250,000 grand prize.

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