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PhamousFotos / Splash News; Columbia Pictures

In case you hadn't heard (yeah, right), new Spider-Man and Batman movies are coming out!

And while they won't hit theaters for another seven months, that isn't stopping the folks behind the flicks from throwing out a couple little reminders by way of new teaser posters.

But which one will get fanboys and fangirls even more excited than they already are? Well, let's take a look at 'em and see...

The Amazing Spider-Man

Marvel/Columbia Pictures

First, there's the latest poster for The Amazing Spider-Man, which shows star Andrew Garfield casting a long shadow of an arachnid.

Sure, the imagery is cool and all, but the tagline—"The Untold Story"—is certainly an interesting choice given how this reboot is covering somewhat familiar ground when it comes to Spidey's origin.

But, hey, we'll still, er, bite.

Dark Knight Rises Poster

Warner Bros.

Then there's the second one-sheet for The Dark Knight Rises, with the focus placed squarely on Tom Hardy's villain Bane.

The shot shows the baddie strolling away from a crushed Caped Crusader mask.

It certainly backs up the actor's quote to Empire recently that his character will "give Batman a challenge he hasn't had before."

What's more, the poster seems to offer up a pretty powerful tagline—"The Legend Ends."


So what do you think? Which one is more effective? Sound off in the comments!

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