It's going to be a very Keibler Christmas for George Clooney this year.

"We're going to be having a lot of friends and family going together this year, so it will be fun," Stacy Keibler dished to E! News about her holiday plans, including a Yuletide vacation with her parents—which, for the first time, will be feauturing a very special guest appearance by her Oscar-winning boyfriend.

Here's to new traditions!

Keibler says that the "pressure's off," however, because Clooney has already met her folks (as she has met his).

"It will be easy and it will be relaxing," she says.

That sounds suspiciously like the couple's Thanksgiving weekend, which they spent triple-dating in Cabo San Lucas with Molly Sims, Cindy Crawford and their hubbies.

While she joked about it three years ago, before they even knew each other, obviously Keibler knows that a rumor about her being engaged to Clooney would carry much more weight now than it did then.

So she's turning the tables!

"You have to really be careful with, I guess, what you say," Keibler acknowledges now. "Wow, yeah, the power of manifesting."


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