Justin Bieber has managed to maintain a startling amount of maturity and patience throughout this whole alleged baby-mama ordeal, but something had to give, and what better place for the cracks to finally form than on the Late Show With David Letterman?

So what did the Biebs have to say about this whole incident? And, almost as importantly, did he drop trou when he voluntarily submitted to that DNA test?

First things first: the Bieber facade was smooth as always when he sat down with Letterman in an interview airing tonight, but instead of badmouthing Mariah Yeater himself (he's way too gentlemanly to do that), he simply sat back and let Dave take the ranting reigns. And then agreed with pretty much everything he said.

"That made me see red," Dave said.

"Really?" Bieber asked. "You saw red? You were angry? Why were you angry?"

"I could smell a weasel," Letterman replied.

"A weasel, a weasel," Bieber mulled, before agreeing with the host. "I mean, I think I could smell a weasel, too, a little bit. It's pretty crazy, people make up false accusations."

When asked if he was discouraged by the phony claims, he seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride (and with a maturity far greater than many men twice his age would).

"Not really. I'm 17, but it's gonna happen, being in the spotlight...People can say whatever."

As for that DNA test, which Bieber underwent last week to fully disprove his paternity, he confirmed how it went down.

"Yeah. Yeah, I took it...They just swab your mouth."

Perhaps wanting to whip the fans up into even more of a frenzied state than normal, Letterman, who first asked if Justin had been put unconscious for the test, then asked, "Is there disrobing?"

"No, I don't think so," he laughed. 'I don't think so."

Sorry, Beliebers. Guess that's one less thing to be thankful for tomorrow.

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